So it’s been a little while since I posted on here. It has been a very eventful couple of weeks and I simply did not have the time or motivation. It’s hard when you run out of interesting things to actually write about. Fortunately I found something!

After withdrawing from my previous guild and also the new guild I had joined I am falling back on my friend’s guild. They have decided to try running their own guild and raid team so I figured I would help. I have lost quite a bit of motivation to raid with all of the problems that were arising. Hopefully after I get a bit of a break to catch up on my personal affairs everything will go back to normal. I am excited to get to raid on a different class though! I spent so much of my time in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria on my Priest so it’s about time to shake things up. 

My new flavor to raid is a Monk! I know, I know, everyone is trying to do the Monk thing these days. I have gotten some first hand tips from other Monk Healers (Mistweaver) and Monk Tanks (Brewmaster) so I am confident in my ability to do both. Although since I just recently switched from Windwalker to Brewmaster there are still some weird gear holes. I am really loving Brewmaster though, I am not really much of a Tank but it is so much fun. If anyone has any tips on either feel free to share! 

Also – I’m going to share a bit of information that I have kept incognito since I started this Real ID! Go check out the “First Time? Read Me!” at the bottom of this blog. 🙂



Down to Business

It has not been an amazing week in the world of.. me. Ever since we had to replace a few members in the raid team things have been working backwards. It seems that the things that we had been able to get through easily are giving us a fair amount of problems. In my last post I mentioned that we were finally up to Durumu and we were all excited to look him in the.. uh.. eye! Unfortunately we could not get him down that night and have not made it back to him yet. The new members have had a bit of a hard time trying to catch up with the rest of us. One of the members has been especially stubborn and has me on the edge of my seat half the time. For those of you that have done or at least watched a video of the Durumu fight you may notice the ability “Force of Will”, which puts this purple color under your feet and will throw you off the platform. Obviously once you are gone there is nothing to save. It gives you plenty of time to get out of it before you get flying lessons, yet that certain person in my team cannot seem to get out of it. I’m sorry, I try not to be an elitist asshole because I make my fair share of mistakes, but come on! We have tried to talk to them and explain it to them but with no progress. I really do not know what else to do because our raid leader is not doing anything about it. The person has made countless mistakes over and over and I am just tired of nothing being done about it. I guess I can’t make him do anything but it really does get under my skin.

On that note, for those of you that actually read this and perhaps even raid, I am looking into joining a different team. If you know of any good raiding servers or guilds that need spots filled feel free to leave a comment! Also, the photo below is us 9-manning Jin’rohk the Breaker. 🙂b1115cac-d54a-4b6c-a182-11060812f049_zpsa7e5ea3b

Progression Again!

My raid team will finally be on a progression boss again tomorrow. After some hard work and a bit of lost patience we downed Ji-Kun and are going to make our first attempt at Durumu. Luckily most of us have watched some videos on the fight and I had a chance to do the mechanics while pugging into a raid a while ago. I am not looking forward to trying to explain this fight though. The videos on Fatboss (as much as I like them) do not seem to help me until I actually do the fight. So here is hoping that my guildies will catch on faster than I did the first time. We’ve started to extend the lock out every other week to try to get a little further. Though we miss out on doing the first bosses yet again the gear we could possible get is less and less useful. I am not looking forward to the end couple bosses though.. nervous is an understatement. 

For anyone that doesn’t know already, many things are 50% off! I decided to buy a race change for my Priest since everyone is bringing Blood Elves down. I figured Goblin would be a good choice for the Haste. I think I have plenty of Pandarens at this point. I’m much more comfortable with $12.50 rather than $25 honestly. I know to some it still sounds ridiculous to pay for a damn race change. I wish that they would keep the price lower, then maybe I would feel better about paying it.


Get Your Raid Face On

Once again I come to you with a raiding problem. As usual, there is someone just not showing the potential to raid. Though my guild is a casual raiding guild and we try our best to work with everyone there are some things we just cannot do. When someone comes to us and says “I want to raid” we will try to fit them in somewhere. Now if you raid, casually or hard core, you know that it still takes some work to get yourself “Raid Ready”. If you aren’t willing to put in the work in LFR’s or grinding the Valor Points to get some gear then you might as well forget about raiding. We had a member that seemed very excited to join our second raid team (which just started recently). They asked about what character they could bring and what roles were needed and we thought they were genuine. Thought obviously being the key word here, because we were very wrong. They ended up ignoring all of the advice we had given them and suggestions we made about how to further learn and gear their class. I personally hate it when people ask for help and then completely ignore everything you told them. Instead they wanted to joke around and not show up for raids. We have a high level of tolerance for missing raids if there are issue outside of the game. People have jobs and a life outside, we completely understand that. BUT if you can’t take a moment to let someone know then you are showing that you do not care. Now if there was some emergency we cannot be upset but there are fine lines. For obvious reasons I am not going to go into much detail for this one. I just wanted to share my level of frustration with the interwebs. 

Another update for all the people that probably don’t care anyway ;D the Pandaren Mage is now up to level 85 and starting Mists of Pandaria content.Image

Frustration and Laziness

Alright.. my cell phone is really starting to frustrate me. I have a Galaxy S3 and up until today I have loved this phone. Well, technically I have been annoyed with it for the past week. For some odd reason it is not sending my picture messages correctly or at all. I’m ready to throw the whole thing out the window. I suppose it really isn’t a big deal. I, unlike many, did not pay a crazy amount for my phone. I got mine on Black Friday for a dollar! I keep it in good shape but I suppose it could use a reset or something. I’m not much of a phone person.. 

Anyway! I know no one came here to see me complain about my cell phone. Two days after patch day and I still haven’t bothered to go out and do the new quest line. I have not really had any motivation to do so. Other life issues outside of the game have me pretty high strung and stretched for time. I hear that they are pretty interesting and an easy way to get charms or runes..or something. I wonder if my guildies know what their talking about half the time. I suppose I can try to get some questing in before my raid tonight. I shall do this and come back with some sort of result.. eventually. 

My Patience is Thin

So my guild goes through a great effort to lead “Alt Raids” for people outside of our main raid teams and alternate characters. Unfortunately I volunteered my time to get them together the past few weekends. I felt that, as a new Officer, I should give my time back to the guild and help out the other members. Obviously I regret this now because I have about as much patience as a two year old. I don’t mind having to explain fights to people or giving it a few shots for everyone to figure out what their suppose to do. I DO mind when someone who has never done the fights in a ten man atmosphere is trying to lead the raid and talking over me. That irritates me to the point of reaching through the computer and smacking someone. Well thankfully there were enough computer and game related technical issues going on that we ended the raid over an hour early. I think I would almost rather sit through an LFR (Looking For Raid) group than run another Alt Raid with some of those people.Image