Progression Again!

My raid team will finally be on a progression boss again tomorrow. After some hard work and a bit of lost patience we downed Ji-Kun and are going to make our first attempt at Durumu. Luckily most of us have watched some videos on the fight and I had a chance to do the mechanics while pugging into a raid a while ago. I am not looking forward to trying to explain this fight though. The videos on Fatboss (as much as I like them) do not seem to help me until I actually do the fight. So here is hoping that my guildies will catch on faster than I did the first time. We’ve started to extend the lock out every other week to try to get a little further. Though we miss out on doing the first bosses yet again the gear we could possible get is less and less useful. I am not looking forward to the end couple bosses though.. nervous is an understatement. 

For anyone that doesn’t know already, many things are 50% off! I decided to buy a race change for my Priest since everyone is bringing Blood Elves down. I figured Goblin would be a good choice for the Haste. I think I have plenty of Pandarens at this point. I’m much more comfortable with $12.50 rather than $25 honestly. I know to some it still sounds ridiculous to pay for a damn race change. I wish that they would keep the price lower, then maybe I would feel better about paying it.



Get Your Raid Face On

Once again I come to you with a raiding problem. As usual, there is someone just not showing the potential to raid. Though my guild is a casual raiding guild and we try our best to work with everyone there are some things we just cannot do. When someone comes to us and says “I want to raid” we will try to fit them in somewhere. Now if you raid, casually or hard core, you know that it still takes some work to get yourself “Raid Ready”. If you aren’t willing to put in the work in LFR’s or grinding the Valor Points to get some gear then you might as well forget about raiding. We had a member that seemed very excited to join our second raid team (which just started recently). They asked about what character they could bring and what roles were needed and we thought they were genuine. Thought obviously being the key word here, because we were very wrong. They ended up ignoring all of the advice we had given them and suggestions we made about how to further learn and gear their class. I personally hate it when people ask for help and then completely ignore everything you told them. Instead they wanted to joke around and not show up for raids. We have a high level of tolerance for missing raids if there are issue outside of the game. People have jobs and a life outside, we completely understand that. BUT if you can’t take a moment to let someone know then you are showing that you do not care. Now if there was some emergency we cannot be upset but there are fine lines. For obvious reasons I am not going to go into much detail for this one. I just wanted to share my level of frustration with the interwebs. 

Another update for all the people that probably don’t care anyway ;D the Pandaren Mage is now up to level 85 and starting Mists of Pandaria content.Image

Darn Youngins

Just let me say first.. my personal experience with young teens on World of Warcraft has not been a great one. So I am going to go ahead and touch on the classic subject of – should children even be on WoW? Now to me this is children between the ages of 11 to 17. I have met some very young people on the game especially on a Role Play server. Personally I have no interest in even speaking to anyone under the age of at least sixteen. There are always obvious questions such as their level of maturity and commitment. Below I have give a few examples of what I have personally experienced, both good and bad.

The Mature Young Player: I was in a guild not too long ago with a rather nice Guild Master. He listened when you needed him and tried to be around for the guild members. Although he was not very good at telling people when they needed some help. It took some time for me to discover that this particular GM was only 16. After learning this about him after I had gotten to know him a bit better I was rather impressed. For only 16 he was a relatively good GM and handled things within the guild pretty well. As with everyone there were things that I thought he could have done better. 

The Immature Young Player: I have had so many bad experiences with young, immature players. The one that sticks out in my mind at the moment is an issue that was not really an issue with a young officer of an old guild. I had joined because of a friend in the guild and I was pretty friendly with everyone. I went out of my way to participate in their guild events, Role Play and otherwise. Though this one officer I did not have much communication with on any level. Well she made is especially apparent that she did not like me (for what reason I still don’t know). She would not talk to me and went out of her way to say very rude things about me to everyone in the guild while I was sitting there. So one day I had finally had enough and told her off in language that I will not repeat here and left the guild. I had so many people whisper me like “wtf?!” but I was in no mood to put up with her petty shit anymore.

So whether or not young teens should be aloud to play is up for debate. I honestly do not feel anyone under at least 15 should even consider logging on. Of course, this is just my opinion, This does not go without saying that there are plenty of immature older players as well. Some people even at the age of 50 should not be aloud to play this game. 

UPDATE! The new Pandaren Mage is now level 82 and into Cataclysm content. =3Image

Another Pandaren Mage

After much deliberation I decided to level a second Mage, because personally I have little interest in the Undead one I have now. It is level 85 with some amazing Dragon Soul gear from back in Cataclysm. Though even then I really did not have a thing for the Undead. I think they, more so than any other class, really need a reskin. Anyway, the releveling process has not been a fun one. It goes by much faster with heirlooms which is amazing but now that I am back into Outlands I want to strange every person I get a dungeon with. It is always those new players or new death knights that think their the absolute shit and can pull everything. I mean thank god I’m not a Healer anymore, I’ve leveled all those and do not want to do that again. At least on my new Mage I have Invisibility now so I can run off while they die. As an added bonus my guild has Mass Resurrection so I can decide if I want to wait on them to run back or not. I have to admit I am one of those people that just loves these new Pandarens. The males look a little strange to me but the females are just so cute! *fan girl squee* The tails are adorable and their cute hair cuts.. though I wish that the colors were more of the hair than a tiny streak. I can’t wait till I finish my new Mage (which is a Pandaren!) because the Mage sets are so adorable. Don’t you judge me! Though finding transmog for a Monk is a bit of a pain in the arse. I absolutely hate farming and questing as a whole.. so when I decided I wanted to get her some cool leather transmog I knew my work was cut out for me.