Guild Bank Going Broke

I have been in many guilds over the past three years of playing this silly game. Each has had their fair share of problems whether it be drama or lack of active members. Fortunately the guild I am in now does not seem to have a huge issue with drama after we booted one of the more annoying members. It came after a long deliberation that lasted months (which in my opinion was too long). Now our biggest problem is not having enough active members contributing to the guild. We are bleeding the guild bank dry with most members getting repairs (100+ gold per character for 200+ members and member alts) and not nearly enough guild challenges getting done. 

Our solution was simple. Start offering rewards to people who go out of their way to help the guild. If they could take some time to participate in the guild challenges and get the guild some money flowing back in we would reward them. Sadly even the didn’t work and some members even bothered to complain about the prizes we offered. That definitely struck a bad nerve with quite a few of us. Those prizes were not funded by guild bank money, they came out of the pockets of the officers to try to help our guild. 

Unfortunately the only option we can think of now is to cut guild repairs, or remove them completely. Honestly none of us want it to come to that but what else can we do. I have been trying to think of another way to get people to put some effort into the guild. If anyone around bothers to read this and has some ideas feel free to share.