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New Guild Things

So I’m not sure how this will look when posted because I’m using my new iPad. As for news my friend’s new guild is moving right along. Two of them have managed to level it up to level 7 which isn’t bad for how new it is. Unfortunately the new raid team idea is still up in the air but we have half the team hanging around waiting. I’ve been pugging into other teams as some of my other friends need my help. So far both teams have asked me to stick around but in all reality that would be six days of raiding! I just don’t think I could handle it, I’m already getting burnt out with raid healing. Started working on my Druid again lately though. Really getting into Boomkin but I absolutely hate the DPS ques for everything. I guess I need to make some more healer friends so I tag along their ques like everyone else does to me. On a side note – has anyone else had problems with their transmog gear glitching? My Druid’s robe seems to really want to be purple but I want it to be green.


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