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Progression Again!

My raid team will finally be on a progression boss again tomorrow. After some hard work and a bit of lost patience we downed Ji-Kun and are going to make our first attempt at Durumu. Luckily most of us have watched some videos on the fight and I had a chance to do the mechanics while pugging into a raid a while ago. I am not looking forward to trying to explain this fight though. The videos on Fatboss (as much as I like them) do not seem to help me until I actually do the fight. So here is hoping that my guildies will catch on faster than I did the first time. We’ve started to extend the lock out every other week to try to get a little further. Though we miss out on doing the first bosses yet again the gear we could possible get is less and less useful. I am not looking forward to the end couple bosses though.. nervous is an understatement. 

For anyone that doesn’t know already, many things are 50% off! I decided to buy a race change for my Priest since everyone is bringing Blood Elves down. I figured Goblin would be a good choice for the Haste. I think I have plenty of Pandarens at this point. I’m much more comfortable with $12.50 rather than $25 honestly. I know to some it still sounds ridiculous to pay for a damn race change. I wish that they would keep the price lower, then maybe I would feel better about paying it.



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