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Get Your Raid Face On

Once again I come to you with a raiding problem. As usual, there is someone just not showing the potential to raid. Though my guild is a casual raiding guild and we try our best to work with everyone there are some things we just cannot do. When someone comes to us and says “I want to raid” we will try to fit them in somewhere. Now if you raid, casually or hard core, you know that it still takes some work to get yourself “Raid Ready”. If you aren’t willing to put in the work in LFR’s or grinding the Valor Points to get some gear then you might as well forget about raiding. We had a member that seemed very excited to join our second raid team (which just started recently). They asked about what character they could bring and what roles were needed and we thought they were genuine. Thought obviously being the key word here, because we were very wrong. They ended up ignoring all of the advice we had given them and suggestions we made about how to further learn and gear their class. I personally hate it when people ask for help and then completely ignore everything you told them. Instead they wanted to joke around and not show up for raids. We have a high level of tolerance for missing raids if there are issue outside of the game. People have jobs and a life outside, we completely understand that. BUT if you can’t take a moment to let someone know then you are showing that you do not care. Now if there was some emergency we cannot be upset but there are fine lines. For obvious reasons I am not going to go into much detail for this one. I just wanted to share my level of frustration with the interwebs. 

Another update for all the people that probably don’t care anyway ;D the Pandaren Mage is now up to level 85 and starting Mists of Pandaria content.Image


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