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Annoying Ex-Tank

So I’m typing this on my phone because it’s very late where I am and I just don’t feel like getting up. Not sure how this will look on the blog so I may have to make some corrections later on. Onto the point!
I’m sure we’ve all had that person in a raid team or just in a guild that annoyed the crap of us. Well unfortunately in this case it was one of our raid tanks. Though my personal feelings about them doesn’t have much to do with my problem. They believed that people within the team did not listen to them or value their opinion. Honestly it was rare that she actually voiced a viable option and wasn’t just complaining. So rather than talking to the raid leader about it and trying to resolve it somehow they decided there was a “better” solution. I got online a few hours later to find out that they server transfered instead. If I could facepalm any harder right now..


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