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Frustration and Laziness

Alright.. my cell phone is really starting to frustrate me. I have a Galaxy S3 and up until today I have loved this phone. Well, technically I have been annoyed with it for the past week. For some odd reason it is not sending my picture messages correctly or at all. I’m ready to throw the whole thing out the window. I suppose it really isn’t a big deal. I, unlike many, did not pay a crazy amount for my phone. I got mine on Black Friday for a dollar! I keep it in good shape but I suppose it could use a reset or something. I’m not much of a phone person.. 

Anyway! I know no one came here to see me complain about my cell phone. Two days after patch day and I still haven’t bothered to go out and do the new quest line. I have not really had any motivation to do so. Other life issues outside of the game have me pretty high strung and stretched for time. I hear that they are pretty interesting and an easy way to get charms or runes..or something. I wonder if my guildies know what their talking about half the time. I suppose I can try to get some questing in before my raid tonight. I shall do this and come back with some sort of result.. eventually. 


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