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Trinkets *sigh*

Well, 5.3 is finally here people! I spent my patch day trying to take my mind off of it. Did some much needed cleaning and laundry. Although, once 11am server came around, I was at my computer spamming the realm status page. I have no clue why it took so long to get the servers back up! I didn’t really look into it though, I just wanted to get started with all the things I needed to do. I had a long list of “want”s to finish yesterday before my raid. Unfortunately I didn’t come close to finishing everything I wanted to do because of the late start. I got enough to buy a Shado-Pan Assault trinket though, which I desperately needed. 

Speaking of trinkets.. I’m going to complain a little here. So I switched with one of our healer this week to mix things up a little bit. I miss healing but I think that I kept up rather well with our other main healer. We did have to switch back for a few fights such as Council and Tortos because the healer I switched with has a melee off spec. If you’ve done those fights you know how hard it is to do it with mostly melee DPS because of placement and some of the ads. Luckily both our specs are pretty geared and we’re okay with having to hop back and forth for a while. He doesn’t seem to mind much thankfully, I love healing. So onto the complaining! We had one of our healers leave due to a new, weird schedule at work. We found a replacement rather fast with about the same gear but their healing is.. lacking. It’s not that they aren’t any good, they just haven’t had a lot of experience in Normal yet. They’ve only been running with us for a short time and, of course, Horridon drops his healing trinket last night. All three of us roll on it and the damn newbie gets it. We all really need some decent trinkets but I think a certain person deserved it a little more (and no I’m not talking about myself!). 



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