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The Server Blues

Don’t get me wrong, I love my guild and most of my guildies. Though there are days more often than not that I wish I could move to a new realm. I have been playing on the same realm for almost four years and when you’ve been around that long you gain some friends and some enemies. I feel like I could use a new start.. but the idea of leveling news characters and having no gold just sounds terrible. I barely have the money to continue playing none the less transfer characters to a new server. I have done research into different servers and asked people their opinions but of course no one can tell me where to go. The biggest bummer of the whole thing is not knowing someone on another server that plays as much as I do. Most of the people on my Real I.D. are from my server or are other friends on different servers who don’t enjoy quite the same aspects of the game as I do. Also I have been interested in playing Alliance for a change of pace. Yes, I know, boooo! The same races get a bit bored when you’ve played them for so long. I don’t necessarily enjoy the people that I have met in-game that play Alliance but the races are kind of neat. I would love to be a Draenei goat thing, or a night elf. I have no interest in the Worgen though, their animations seem strange to me. 

On a side note; I found a transmog for my Pandaren Mage who is now into Northrend content.



3 responses to “The Server Blues

  1. I know that this may sound odd to you, however, roll a DK, get out of the starting area and do some snooping around to see how the realms appear to you. I know that does sound weird, however, I’ve done it a few times and they sure do come out the “box” better prepared to earn their way on a new realm faster than starting a level one.

    I have to agree that paying that transfer fee is kind of a pain in the butt, however, I check the realms out before I put RL money into the game too. Try it out and hope it works for you – hehe, I know, not everyone likes DKs but they are great for checking out realms.

    • That’s not a bad idea. I do absolutely hate leveling DKs but now that I finished my first (finally) I think I’ve gotten over that hump. I shall roll DKs all over the place! 🙂

      • It’s the easiest and fastest way to check out a realm at a medium level rather than starting out poor as a mouse at level 1 – people tend to treat the lowbies kind of weird sometimes.

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