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My Patience is Thin

So my guild goes through a great effort to lead “Alt Raids” for people outside of our main raid teams and alternate characters. Unfortunately I volunteered my time to get them together the past few weekends. I felt that, as a new Officer, I should give my time back to the guild and help out the other members. Obviously I regret this now because I have about as much patience as a two year old. I don’t mind having to explain fights to people or giving it a few shots for everyone to figure out what their suppose to do. I DO mind when someone who has never done the fights in a ten man atmosphere is trying to lead the raid and talking over me. That irritates me to the point of reaching through the computer and smacking someone. Well thankfully there were enough computer and game related technical issues going on that we ended the raid over an hour early. I think I would almost rather sit through an LFR (Looking For Raid) group than run another Alt Raid with some of those people.Image


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