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Another Pandaren Mage

After much deliberation I decided to level a second Mage, because personally I have little interest in the Undead one I have now. It is level 85 with some amazing Dragon Soul gear from back in Cataclysm. Though even then I really did not have a thing for the Undead. I think they, more so than any other class, really need a reskin. Anyway, the releveling process has not been a fun one. It goes by much faster with heirlooms which is amazing but now that I am back into Outlands I want to strange every person I get a dungeon with. It is always those new players or new death knights that think their the absolute shit and can pull everything. I mean thank god I’m not a Healer anymore, I’ve leveled all those and do not want to do that again. At least on my new Mage I have Invisibility now so I can run off while they die. As an added bonus my guild has Mass Resurrection so I can decide if I want to wait on them to run back or not. I have to admit I am one of those people that just loves these new Pandarens. The males look a little strange to me but the females are just so cute! *fan girl squee* The tails are adorable and their cute hair cuts.. though I wish that the colors were more of the hair than a tiny streak. I can’t wait till I finish my new Mage (which is a Pandaren!) because the Mage sets are so adorable. Don’t you judge me! Though finding transmog for a Monk is a bit of a pain in the arse. I absolutely hate farming and questing as a whole.. so when I decided I wanted to get her some cool leather transmog I knew my work was cut out for me.



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