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WoW What An Addict

Now I’m not one to brag.. oh wait, I kinda am. I tend to use a good amount of my free time playing video games. Some could say that I am addicted or simply waste my life online doing nothing useful. To be entirely honest I think I tend to spend a little too much time on there as well. When I have some college work to get done I can peel myself off long enough to finish it but even then I wait till the last day to get things done. I enjoy spending my time online playing World of Warcraft with my nerdy friends, is that so wrong? I am currently in a semi-casual raiding guild (for those of you that aren’t familiar with the game it’s basically a group of people that kill tough monster). I know my definitions are probably lacking a good bit of detail but I’m not here to educate anyone. If you really want to know just go play the game for yourself. Anyway, the team and myself have been working hard to get our shit together. We’ve finally gotten half way through Throne of Thunder which for us is a huge achievement. Although I am getting a tad bit tired of people not being on time. Just saying it makes me wonder how I have a life outside this game at all. I feel almost sorry for them for having other things to do that could keep them from having fun with. I guess I need to get out more.. I’m on here writing this rather than being on WoW, so that must count for something.



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